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A first-post introduction to Ottra

A first-post introduction to Ottra

Hello! After a few years of talking about it, we finally have a blog on our website where we can share more of our story, behind-the-scenes insight, resources, and all that inspires us.

A bit about us, the founders: we're Sofia and Adam Zimmerman. We met in 2007 when Adam was starting out as an architect in NYC, and I was an editor at a design trade magazine. Two years later we were married, and in in 2010 we launched our architecture firm, Zimmerman Workshop. A Westie named Dolly June, two kids, and plenty of adventures followed quickly after.

The path to launching our furniture brand in 2016 was, in hindsight, pretty clear. While working with our architecture clients, we often designed custom furniture. We also attended plenty of trade shows, and in looking at what was on display, we realized that we, too, could have a spot there. We'll share more in an upcoming post, but the short history: one conference table for our own office led to an entire collection that we shared at three major trade shows in 2017. And it's been a fun, beautiful (and also dust-covered and challenging!) ride ever since.

Why the Ottra name? That's for our two children, Otto and Petra (hence Ot and tra!). These two have been patient and helpful as we've built our business. They inspire us to create joyful, but also practical, long-wearing furniture. And in watching them play, we're reminded of dreaming big and taking time for imagination. They're delightful (they also have their moments ;), and we love to have them as honorary team members here--even when they're sparring over who's next with the shop vac!


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