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Where to Eat: Our within 1/16-mile radius guide

Where to Eat: Our within 1/16-mile radius guide

Anyone that's visited us knows we're not really conveniently located. But once you're here, there's plenty to make it worth the trip. We'll share more about nearby artisans, shops, and galleries in upcoming posts. But for now, let's talk about food and what's within minutes from us here.

First up: Steve's Key Lime Pie. It's located on the other side of our building, right next to Valentino Park and Pier (a perfect place for sunset views, complete with the Statue of Liberty). Get a pie to share at their picnic tables (they'll even sell you a can of whipped cream), or buy them frozen to take home. A favorite here is the Raspberry Blonde Swingle: a frozen pie topped with raspberries and dipped in white chocolate.

A stone's throw from Steve's you'll find Hoek, a Roman-style pizzeria where making a decision is always a bit difficult! And in addition to pizza, there's lovely salads and cocktails too. Hoek has a spacious-yet-cozy feeling dining room and a terrace outside, but you'll also see many Hoek pizza picnics over at the park.

The newest addition to our little bubble here is United Sandwiches of America. Housed in a vintage Spartanette trailer, they offer all day breakfast options, a changing menu of sandwiches inspired by the 50 states (our favorite so far: the Alaskan Salmon BLT), and the most decadent broccoli salad ever (who knew?!). Also good to know: they offer GF and Vegetarian options.

And while not quite a restaurant, our neighbors at Strong Rope Brewery (another place for sunset views!) have hosted several pop-ups with local chefs. The one we've taken in a couple of times: Sliwinski's General and his signature Akron Burger (a cheeseburger with both barbecue sauce and tartar sauce...sounds strange, tastes so good). Strong Rope also welcomes you to bring your own food, so any of the above can be enjoyed here, along with their local microbrews.


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