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A few questions for Manon Steyaert

A few questions for Manon Steyaert

Our space in Red Hook just got a little bit brighter. Thanks to a partnership with Salon Design, we are showcasing the work of London-based artist, Manon Steyaert. Steyaert has made a name for herself within the London contemporary art scene through her experimental works made from non-traditional materials, such as latex, silicone, and cellophane. Her first solo show, “Point de Vue” debuted last month at The Blender Gallery in Greece, where 30 never-before-seen works are on display. We had a few questions for her:

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

"I would say Anne Truitt was one of the first artists I really looked at during my studies and her influence followed me as my works progressed. We may use very different materials but her approach to life and art really resonated with me. Her totems and the relation of size to the body made me think about our relationship with art as a viewer, where we stand with it during viewing and in general."

What about the creative process excites or intrigues you the most?

"My creative process is quite a varied one and someone may say not that traditional, my research levels at the moment are pretty low and that’s okay, I don’t think it’s really my thing. The most exciting part I think is coming up with the idea alone, figuring out how I can make it come to life and what I need to do with the material and how it will be hung, etc. I do also love the making process, especially when I lift the silicone off its Perspex sheet when it is cured, it’s extremely satisfying."

Tell us a little about your artistic process. How do bright colors and different textures inform your work?

"I would say that anything that catches my eye is what will inform my work, whether it be some colorful flowers in spring or a colored building with a bright blue sky behind, same with textures. I find that when my attention is grabbed or my gaze is 'stolen' from me, is when I will feel a spur of inspiration come along and think about a new series/color palette."

What is something you look forward to experimenting with in the future with your art?

"I think I am looking forward to expanding from silicon, even though I love the material I am looking forward to see what I could maybe do with fabrics and sculpture. Playing around with harder materials like resin, metal, etc. and partnering them with soft fabrics, silicon and more. I think lights may be in my future as well and how they can amplify my works and add an extra layer of color in a different dimension."


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